Will There Be Koe No Katachi Season 2 Release Date, News 2018

Will There Be Koe No Katachi Season 2 Release Date 2018 : This anime movie was one of the most hyped movies all over the world and fans were all excited for 1 whole year for it to be released. This movie is about the self redemption of a young boy named Ishida Shouya who bullied Nishimiya Shouko. He later turns good and tries to bond with the girl he bullied, makes new friends and life he wanted to end becomes better. So this movie was rated 9/10 on MAL and on IMDB it has been rated 8.2/10 which is great for an anime.
In the end of the movie we see that Ishida and Nishimiya have become good friends but they do not show their real feelings. Yes we all know that they started liking each other but due to some reason they never told out their feelings which made us feel cringy. In the A Silent Voice 2 movie we will see that the main characters will propose to each other and things will end great now. So in this article we will be taking about whether there will be a Koe No Katachi 2 movie and if it does then what story will it have as well.

Koe No Katachi 2 Story, Plot, Characters And More 2018 – What Happened In A Silent Voice Movie Recap

I have watched the movie and I found it really enjoyable and tear breaking at some points as well. Not many movies will deal with such stories that surround children who go through such stages of being a bully and taking good turns at later point of the life. In this movie the main character Ishida was a bully and he used to bully the new transferred student who later changes school from his bad behavior. But now Ishida faces struggles when all his friends abandon him because he bullied the girl and his life becomes miserable at some point where he thinks to suicide as well.

But some miracle happens and he goes to meet the girl he bullied and learns how to open up to her about his feelings of being sorry. In this journey of self redemption Ishida learns many important aspects of life such as friendship, love and the reason to make someone smile. So this is what happened in Koe No Katachi movie which was released in 2016. And if you liked this anime then you might also like to read about Violet Evergarden season 2 release date which will amaze you as well.

Will There Be Koe No Katachi 2 Release Date, News 2018

Will There Be Koe No Katachi 2? –  A Silent Voice 2 Movie Release Date And News 2018

Well when we look at the movie ending then it may not be so clear as to why there was an abrupt ending with no conclusion. But if that is the case then the chances of Koe No Katachi 2 are high since the movie will attract more readers and viewers who want a proper ending. If you ask me then A Silent Voice movie was amazingly made with a power driven storyline that was unique, new and the characters were great as well. So when we look at the Manga and light novel then we can say that there are more volumes left that can be used for creating the second part of the movie.

On the other hand when we look at the DVD sales, the numbers were high in Japan and other countries as well. So the first movie was released on September 17, 2016 which received well due to its story and plot as well. The second movie or the Koe No Katachi 2 movie should be confirmed by the Kyoto Animation but no news has been released till now. We all know that Anime movies take time to be created, produced and some movies are released after a gap of 2-3 years. Kyoto Animation knows that Koe No Katachi was great in sales and the second season is surely confirmed.

They might have already renewed the movie for a second part but they are making the movie without letting the news out. So I guess that the A Silent Voice 2 will be released in summer 2018 season. Since the first movie was released in September then we are guessing that it will be released during the same month this year as well. So coming on to the main part which is the movie time and duration that has not been specified as well. But the second movie will also be having a minimum duration of 2 hours.


Well the Koe No Katachi 2 movie is still in works but it will soon be released since production takes time. This movie did well in sales and fan base is huge which hints that the second part will be announced since the studio will make it for both commercial and anime success. We will update this post with the A Silent Voice 2 release date once more news regarding it is released online.

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