The Punisher Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast & Plot 2018

The Punisher Season 2 Release Date: The Marvel’s latest vigilant hero to enter the TV world is going to get another season and it will be based on one of the popular storyline. It will be based on Suicide Run comic which many of the fans might have already seen and it is awesome in fact. So let me explain the storyline at first which will be based on Suicide Run where the main character Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher gets injured. But he takes some time to recover in the town of Ohio but in the real world new copycats and Doppelgangers take his place to fight police, enemies and all.

The Punisher season 2 is confirmed, the show is shooting right now from February 26 – July 20, 2018 and then the show will be released in 2019.

Everyone thinks that the real Punisher is dead and everyone is ready to take his position to gain profits and fame in the town. He will then get back to his original line of work from being presumed dead and this time he has to put an end to his doppelgangers at first. If you ask me then I would say the first season of Punisher was really impressive because the characters were bold, casting was awesome and story made my day. I expect the same with the second season because this time the old frank castle has to adopt, recover and take his time to defeat the criminal gangs, copycats in the town himself.

The Punisher Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast & Plot 2018

The Punisher Season 2 Episodes Release Date 2018

Till now only Daredevil has got a second season and many fans are worried that whether The Punisher will get a second season or not. And to answer the question let me tell you that The Punisher second season is confirmed and the show will be released very soon first of all. The official twitter account of The Punisher revealed that season 2 is coming soon and it was released with a small teaser. The reason why the second season has not been released till now is because the show is still under shooting schedule. The shooting schedule for the second season was from February 26 to July 20, 2018. So the shooting will take place in five months and then after 3 – 4 months of promotion the show will be released on Netflix.

The Punisher Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast & Plot 2018

So this was the reason why the show release date has not been confirmed yet and to be precise the show might even be released in early 2019. Netflix is strict with the episode count so the second season of The Punisher will have 13 episodes similar to the first season. You can read more information about Goku Limit Breaker form online which is really fun to read if you are a Dragon Ball fan.

How to Watch The Punisher Season 2 Online – The Punisher Season 2 On Netflix

So Marvel fans might be wondering when will season 2 of The Punisher be on Netflix this year. And before that let me tell you that The Punisher TV show is exclusively released on Netflix streaming service only. We have to make use of Netflix to watch the second season of The Punisher online and many of you have Netflix subscription already so it will be easy. Since you already know that the Netflix has a habit of releasing all the episodes at once for the entire season and the same will happen with the second season as well. All the episodes will be released at once which we can stream right away or else binge watch the whole season at once also.


The Punisher Season 2 cast and crew is getting new additions from popular shows like Supergirl and many more. I am sure that the second season of this show will be great fun, filled with action scenes all the way to fill your guts. We will update this article with the exact release date when the show air date has been announced by Netflix very soon. So leave a comment if you liked this post and share this article with your friends as well.

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