Overlord Season 3 Premier Date Announced

Overlord Season 3 Premier Date Announced: guys here we have some good news for Overlord anime lovers. Yes we know that your are busy in streaming the seasons 2 which released recently but might u want to know about seasons 3 too. Yes guys we are about to get the overlord seasons 3 as the light novel series got its 9 volumes completed. Enough content has reached for anime and it’s just the end of seasons 2 to start next seasons. Once the 13th episode comes to an end madhouse director will bring the other part in queue. Many had lost the hopes of overlord anime till 2017 but the popularity of blu Ray and DVD bought the hopes back.

Director had busy schedule since 2015 and now he absolutely looks fine for Overlord. He along with overlord is working on Iskei Anime which was left over. Many say that madhouse hasn’t taken any proactive step to bring the season 2 after a successful release of Blu-ray and DVD. It was unpredicted that Blu-Ray and DVD of the Overlord would make 12000 sales. Making a good boost Anime also gave good response for the light novel series. Fans were back of Manga and Light Novel series but madhouse was not that attracted then. Let me get you in details about Overlord Season 3 once we have a look at plot.

The Story line of Overlord Season 3:

I won’t be telling you about the story that will happen in season 3, because let the plot of Overlord be hidden. The story line is laid on online game which has changed the life of our propagandist. Momonga was playing the game and was at a sudden the online game shut down. Then everyone was unvalued in game and they were keen the win and get level up. The time when online game was shut down, Momonga didn’t shut down and he then found some strange changes in his life. He was dragged in game life and was converted into Skelton. Having got wizard powers he was left alone in the life in new world.

Overlord Season 3 Premier Date Announceds


This world for not for humans and non-player of games were feeling the emotions. The heroes of Wild Wizard are now fighting to get back into real world, which took them to king go for-estize. Till this you have streamed in season 2 and thus Overlord Season 3 will be having a big fight. Hope that Overlord Season 3 Release date will soon and the fight come to an end.

Overlord Season 3 release Date Trailer and Latest News:

As discussed the first season 1 was taken up with 13 episodes having used 3 volumes of light novel series and so does with season 2 using 3 volumes. Now currently light novel has 3 more volumes that are till 9th volumes. It is clear that Overlord Light Novel Series has ended 9th volumes as a simple end of series. So Overlord Season 3 will be having 13 episodes and that will be absolute end for Anime. We are working to get the latest news and we found that light novel has given the volumes to creators of madhouse.



Finally Overlord Season 3 Release date be 2018 end and thus will make an end to amazing gaming anime. To get the latest release date news, bookmark our article and visit our site regularly.

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