My Hero Academia Season 4 Release Date 2018

Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Release Date 2018: wishes to all my anime friends and we are back with another article about my hero academia anime. So if you watch it first and second season of the anime then you might already note that the third season is currently airing. So after seeing the title of this post you might wonder why are we talking about the season 4 release date already.


My Hero Academia Season 4

Well if you have not noticed then let me rephrase one of our previous articles that boku no Hero movie is going to be released on August 3rd 2018. So the season 3 of the sun Amy has started hearing from April and it will be completed in June 2018. So the reason the movie is going to be released is quite simple and it is to expand this anime to more seasons.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Anime Insider:

Most of the times when the production Studios release movie from the same series that tend to create another season where the movie becomes the base for the next season to be released. And when it comes to boku no Hero academia there is always enough content and also great story line is present which can be adapted into the 4th season by the Studios bones. If you are a fan who is worried what will happen to boku no Hero academia after the third season then let me tell you that there is going to be Fourth season for sure. Yes it is correct that the studio which has produced this enemy has not released any information regarding the release of season 4 but let me tell you that they have recently announced the release of the first movie from this anime series. So if they release all the information together even about the four season and even the movie at the same time then it might listen the hype of this anime which might be bad for commercial success. The same time since the season 3 is currently airing they have announced the Enemy movie because it will give fans hope and also help the production studio to make arrangement for the next movie or season 4 be released.


My Hero Academia Season 4

One such example is Dragon Ball series which release a movie before announcing the Anime series based on that movie. So Dragon Ball released the movie Battle of the Gods which became base for Dragon Ball super anime. And now they have announced to release Dragon Ball super movie which is going to become base for the Dragon Ball super season 2 which is yet to be announced. If what I am guessing is right then Studio bones is trying the same method in order to create hype and also make sure that boku no Hero academia will run longer on television and even on online.


So all the fans of my hero academia can now watch third season which has recently released the first episode on April 7 2018 and one of the good thing is that the third season will have 25 episodes. Now if we think about the count of episodes for season 4 then I am predicting that it will have at least 12 episodes but if the creators and Studio bones agree then they might even extend it to 25 episodes which might be great for fans to you and enjoy. Anyways thank you for reading this article about boku no Hero academia season 4 release date and we will update this anime Post with more information once the studio releases news about it. Till then keep watching anime and bookmark this website to learn more about different anime shows which are going to be released this year 2018.

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