My Hero Academia Movie Release Date 2018

My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes Movie: so all the fans of my hero academia are opposite by the release of season 3 already and now the production Studio have announced the first movie in the series. So to all those fans that have no information about it should learn that my hero academia will be back on TV for 3rd season.

This August live movie will be released. And the most important thing is that in March 2018 the trailer and teaser for this movie was released which give hints about young all might. So you might think who is this young all might and if you are a regular watcher of Boku no Hero academia then you might already know that midoriya is the young all might I am talking about.


My Hero Academia Movie Release Date 2018

So you know the title of the movie the two heroes, and by the title we already know that the two heroes are all might and young midoriya who will take the place of all might in future. So since the season 3 will be released in April and it will go on for 3 months till June. Show all the aspects and the things that takes place in the My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes movie will be after the third season.

Boku No Hero Academia: The Two Heroes Movie Story, Plot, Characters 2018

Well I did not want to reveal all the information about the movie story but let me tell you some of the glimpse which will take place in this movie. So after the final exams have been ended the UA Academy will take all the students for a summer break to an island. Show some villain will hack the island and bring the iron wall security All Around The Island. At this time all the students of UA Academy and the staff of heroes should actively in order to save not only them but also the people living on the island.

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This is where Deku meets the powerless girl Melissa and he helps grow as a person and find true value in life in the movie. So we already know that midoriya is great it being the next all might. But this movie will be more focusing on the present all might and his life before becoming the face of the heroes. So from season 2 we know that all might was powerless similar to midoriya and we will learn how he gets his power. At the same time we will also know how all might prime in the past was how he was as a kid.

My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes Movie Release Date 2018

And one more important thing is that the previous all my to go has been training midoriya will also be present in this new movie and he won’t be gone that soon. All this information was released on the Anime Japan 2018. During the event many other movies and anime information were released which made the fans really excited.


My Hero Academia Movie Release Date 2018

So guys let me get down to the important part of this article which is to know the release date of this movie. As you already know that the Boku no Hero academia season 3 will start airing in April. But the my hero academia the two heroes release date is set on August 3rd 2018. So all those times that have been worried in their heads can rejoice now because the movie release date has been already announced. To be precise the movie will be released in less than 5 months now which is great news for all the fans of the Anime.

So this new movie will also future CU new characters who will be introduced in the UA Academy and the character is Melissa. From the previous posters of boku no Hero academia we already know that Manisha is another powerless human being similar to midoriya. So the movie will first focus on the childhood of all all might first and then it will also focus on Melissa and how she will gain her powers.

Final Words:

Well thank you friends for reading this article about My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes movie release date. So this is going to be the first movie from this anime series and I am quite excited to hear the news about the release date for this movie. So guys let me know through the comments what are your expectations from this upcoming movie. And also share this article with your friends and family want to read more about Anne me and would love to watch Boku no Hero academia anime.

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