Mob psycho 100 2nd Season Release Date Spoiler

Mob psycho 100 season 2 release date: so guys do you remember the enemy by the name mob psycho hundred which was released in 2016 and to be frank it was one of the best anime shows during the summer break of 2016. So this anime mob psycho 100 season 1 was released in 2016 for 12 episode. It has been already 2 years since the first season was released and now the season 2 is renewed but no information or announcement has been made regarding the Anime release date till now. So I really like the first season of this Janani because it was related to science fiction action and it even included slice of life which humour in it.


Mob psycho 100 2nd Season Release Date Spoiler

So I decided to write this article about mob psycho 100 season 2 release date which thousands of fans have been questioning about. To be frank I am going to those fans who is still waiting for the release of second season but guess what the studio is still producing the second season which is the main reason why the next season has not been released.

Mob psycho hundred anime story – mob psycho 100 season 2 story 2018

So before I take you on to the storyline of the second season let me show you some of the glimpse of what happened in the first season already. Ok so this enemy is about shigeo Kageyama who is a psychic and has psychic powers beyond someone’s imagination. He also has a twin who looks the same and at present he works under Reigen Arataka. So Reigen gunship freak business and he claims to be a psychic even when he is not one. But he skillfully uses the powers of kageyama in order to make money and also let the kid learn more things about his powers. So the first season was all about Kaki am I getting into wierd situations where he has to help people get out of dangerous situations.


Mob psycho 100 2nd Season Release Date Spoiler

So the concept behind this enemy is very simple that mob kageyama is a psychic who has ultimate powers but when he crosses the mark of 100% he can use his abilities to the fullest. And believe me no one can survive his powers at 100% mark which is why this animal is named by the title mob psycho 100. During the first season they have been only few occasions where mom has used his hundred percent full parts which led to the complete destruction of his enemies and it was quite fun for me to watch him break other people virus stands without reaching a single finger. The mob psycho season 2 story will be more based on his friendship and how he will save his friends from other dangerous situations as well. But no information has been released till now about the story and also the characters are villains who will be included in the second season so we will update this article with more information very soon.

Mob psycho 100 season 2 release date 2018

Mob psycho 100 anime first season was released during the summer break off 2016 for 12 episodes. This anime was started from July 11 2016 2 September 27 2016 for 12 episodes. Now is the second season is going to be released then it will be released during July or august month this year. So to be precise the second season of the ceremony will be released again during the summer 2018 season also. Now if we want to decide our expect the number of episodes in the second season then I would predict that it will have 12 episodes as well. It is not because there is not enough source material content for this anime. But this anime is a web Manga and the artist who creates this anime can generate new story from scratch which is great for the second season to be created.

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All those anime fans that are busting their minds and hoping to see mob psycho season 2 release date announced soon can read the above article to let go of the anger. Even don’t know news about the season 2 release date is announced or has been released through online but we can say that the season 2 is already renewed since the studio bones has been working on it for quite a time right now. At the same time mob psycho hundred anime has been commercially successful and it has made huge DVD sales which already confirms that there should be a second season for this anime.

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