High School DxD Hero Release Date 2018 Announced

High School DxD Season 4 Reveals Primer Date: Hope you that High School DxD season 4 is now called as High School DxD Hero Anime. This anime is one of the most awaited action and fantasy based series that fans have been waiting to watch. Anime has great response from auidence and also their are good review so that it has made fully successfull 3 seasons. It looks like director is fine with its renewal after a gap that was taken after High School DxD Season 3 Release. Before go on with the guide let me tell you that this anime is renewed and will start airing from April 10 2018.


High School DxD Hero Release Date 2018

This particular season 4 will be produced by Passione studio unlike the TNK studio which has released previous seasons. there is also its new style of animation in PV that was well modified after the newel of anime. The teaser of High School DxD  Season 4 show the lead character Hyodo who is surrounded by posing girls. As the name Hero describes it contains the word H as Echhi and Ero. Lets have a look at the High School DxD  Season 4 Cast & Crew that has a great changes from previous seasons.

Crew and Cast of High School DxD  Season 4:

Anime is basd on Ichiei Ishibumi light novel series when the characters were designed by Miyama Zero. Director Yoshifumi Sueda along with character designer Makoto has worked well for animation. Series is fine to be composed by  Kenji Kounuta and production by Passione Studio.  coming to characters the roles will be played as Issei Hyodo by Yuki Kaji, Rias Gremory by Yoko Hikasa, Aisa Argento by Azumi Asakura, Azael by Rikiya Koyama, Yuto by Kenji and Koneko by Ayana, more.

High School DxD Season 4 Release Date Confirmed:

So the High School DxD Hero Release date has been set for April 10, spring 2018 season. It has been long since the third season was released and to be frank the release for fourth season this year is unexpected. I have been waiting for this anime for a long time but now things have become clear since it has been announced. So get ready to stream the amazing anime series with all its characters and plot that has been renewed to make it more better.


High School DxD Hero Release Date 2018

The High School DxD season 4 release date or as you would call it by the new name DxD Hero Release date is now announced. And the show will be returning this year during the spring 2018 season which is just few months from now.

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Still if you wonder why to watch High School DxD Hero season 1 then let me tell you that. This anime is one of the best action comedy series with fantasy, ecchi and school genre. This fourth season will start in April and it will have 12 episodes. This season will cover the 9 and 10 volumes from the light novel. So the show timings will be around 2300 Jst on Tuesdays. According to the news this show has already been receiving huge reviews from fans across the world.

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