Does Cencoroll 2 Cancelled? Rumors & Updates

Does Cencoroll 2 Cancelled? Rumors & Updates: Hope that your one of thousands fans of Cencoroll Anime Movie, who are waiting for its updates since 2010. This has been a long time that we haven’t seen an update for Cencoroll 2 movie after successful debut of Cencoroll Anime movie. Movie has done great work which was not even expected, as many got in discussion with direction, design and scripting writing was done by Alone Atsuya Uki. He along got into this category of work and bought an anime Cencoroll Movie for audience. Movie was produced by Anime Innovation Tokyo and Aniplex Production Company. The journey of Cencoroll Anime movie was started in July 2009 with releasing a premier.…d-rumors-updates/

Later in next month August 2009 the anime movie was release after its successful Premier in Fantasia International film festival. Marking a good success Atsuya Uki has taken the series to United States and other countries in the month of September. So at the 2009 Cencoroll Anime movie was released in most of the state and many fans got attracted to its different genre. Later it was himself Atsuya has announced for continuation of Cencoroll and making the name as Cencoroll 2 Anime movie. Unfortunately we haven’t seen any clips of Cencoroll 2 till date. So question arise as Does Cencoroll 2 cancelled? Will there be no Cencoroll Movie again?

Why does Cencoroll 2 delayed?

Only reason we can see in delay of Cencoroll 2 movie, is Atsuya Uki being alone. He has himself written the script, directed the movie, designed the characters and brought into production. So taking up all activity himself has made this delay in Cencoroll 2. As new script need to written by himself and also it need to calibrated in a way the audience love. It is obvious that Cencoroll has done great work in its debut and its Cencoroll 2 Anime Movie need to more than that. So this thought of Atsuya Uki might have got in trouble of making this long time delay. We hope that this year Cencoroll 2 will be release, as being the rumors is spread.

Cencoroll 2 Anime Movie Latest News Updates:

I have been following the updates for Cencoroll 2 movie and there found diffenret news. Actually it was said to release of Cencoroll 2 movie in 2010 marking this to be a sequel for movie released in August 2009. Later after 5 years in 2014 it was announced  from official site that Cencoroll 2 trailer will be released very soon but there seems no video out. As everyone stuck with this new, one more update came in 2016, as the Aniplex is taking the series into Anime Japan festival of 2016 and s is going to announce the Cencoroll 2 premier date. But fortunately there was no new made out for Cencoroll 2 movie.


Does Cencoroll 2 Cancelled? Rumors & Updates

Presently we have observed that Cencoroll 2 IMDb site has shown that , Cencoroll 2 being a move released for 2018. This twist my mind, as in Anime Japan 2016 there was no news for release but IMDb official site has declared that Cencoroll 2 to be released this year. Making a clear thing we can confirm that Cencoroll 2 Anime Movie isn’t cancelled. It is just taking a longer time to be released. Will keep you updated on this new, so suggest you to follow our page.

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