Dies Irae Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

Dies Irae Season 2 Release Date Confirmed: The second season of Dies Irae anime which is produced by A.C.G.T and directed by Susumu Kudo will soon be released. It has been on the news for a long time and I recently got to know that Dies Irae season 2 is now confirmed and it will be released very soon as well. So fans were wondering when this next show will be released but the good thing is that the second season is being released very soon.
The Dies Irae was first a console game which was later written into a light novel by Kazuomi Minatogawa. He started the series in 2016 and has published more than 5 books till now which were used to create the season 1 of the anime. Now we are talking when the second season will be released and you can learn more about what will happen in this anime below. You can read more about the Violet Evergarden season 2 release date from online.

Dies Irae Season 2 Release Date

What will Happen in Dies Irae Season 2 Anime 2018

Well if you have watched the first season of this anime then you might already know how the second season plot will take off. But before that let me take a recap of the previous season where the story takes place on May 1, 1945 in Berlin that used to be the stronghold of Germany. A bloody ritual was being performed by the Red Army in the name of peace and war in order to bring the Order of thirteen copies back to life. These soldiers considered the thirteen copies to be ultimate soldiers who can bring huge destruction to the world itself. But in the present day Ren a young high school kid has trouble sleeping because of the haunted dreams that include group of hunters and murders unknown ti him. But he continue to follow deep into the troubles of his new city and must decide whether to run away or fight the soldiers who want to bring back the thirteen copies back again.

Dies Irae Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

The second season will deal with the same plot but in this new season the main character have an idea about the enemies at first hand. So things will become clear because the last season was filled with lucid dreams and he did not have clear idea as of who were his enemies as well. So surely there are going to be a number of fight scenes but no fan might even guess what twists the second season may bring. So as to have a clear idea on what will happen in Dies Irae season 2 which will be released very soon.

Dies Irae Season 2 Release Date Confirmed 2018

So let me get straight to the point that the Dies Irae season 2 was confirmed during the season 1 episode 11 itself. So fans who were following news back then would know that this show was renewed already because of high ratings and increase in fan base easily. So first Dies Irae anime was confirmed and it was announced to have 18 episodes which was unheard of in anime shows. But later due to some reasons the first season was said to have only 10 episodes that were released in 2017.

Now the remaining 6 episodes will be the second season for this anime and few more episodes will be added as well. So we have confirmed that the Dies Irae season 2 will have 6 OVA’s for sure but if more volumes are published by time. Then the second season will have more episodes and might even have 12 episodes similar to the first season.

Final Words:

Dies Irae Season 2 release date is now confirmed and the anime has been announced for a second season as well. The show will be released during November 6, 2018 and the second season will contain 10 episodes as well. We will have to wait for the ACGT studio to release more news regarding the show release date very soon. But we will update this article

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