Death Note Season 2 Release Date Rumors Latest Updates

Death Note Season 2 Release Date Rumors Latest Updates: Hope you guys are waiting for an update for Death Note Season 2. I have been a fan of Takeshi Obata who brings amazing series with his illustration. Death Note Manga was written by Tsugumi Ohab and was illustrated by Takeshi in past decade. Manga has created good sensation in monthly magazine, which made our anime director to bring Manga as Anime series. Death Note Has successfully got its 37 episode season past year and was very successfully. Tetsuro Director or our Anime told that they have received amazing response from audience beyond the expectations. Now questions arises will there be Death Note Season2? Is this an end of Death Note Season 2 Anime series?


Death Note Season 2 Release Date

To answer your entire question we have got this article with some updates news on Death Note Season 2. We try to bring true news for our audience and thus it makes everyone easy to track their favorite anime series. Let’s see the life of Yagami who will be leading his life with Death Note and thus begin to form his reign. Find out how our hero will chase the world with this supreme power and also get control over it.  Madhouse will be releasing the series to audience like it has done for Death Note Season 1. Also Anime will be available to stream on Crunchyroll for everyone all over the world.

Death Note Season 2 Plot & Story Line:

Like all other anime the concept of Death Note is also same, where we have got Death Note which is one of the most powerful weapons so called. It might destructive the world if it falls in bad hands and our hero Yagami is looking to protect it. Yagami is on his way to get the information required for Death Note and also research of r Shinimai Ryuk.  Going behind the walls Death Note is one belching to Shiniami Ryuk, withstanding with power to kills anything which comes under its way. Our hero is on his way to protect the world with this Death Note and get control over it.


Death Note Season 2 Release Date

Also L the repetitive is seen to put all his effort to know who is behind Death Note and stop his corm reign.  His enthuse to stop crime and also our hero braveness will lead to their success. In Death Note Season 2 Story Line it will shown, how our hero try to protect the world and the difficulties they are going to face in future.


So hope that you have got information needed for Death Note Season 2 Anime series. Mostly we can expect Death Note next season in April 2019, as it looks like Madhouse busy with other project currently. It is sure that we are going to get next season but exact date for its release is still pending. Not to worry as we on our way to get information about Death Note Season 2. We will get back to you once found any updated news on next season and till they have ea look at other series form our page.

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