Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date 2018

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date: Blue Exorcist anime is about two orphan brothers who want to become the best exorcists in the world. But they never knew that they were the sons of Satan himself and things would turn heated pretty quickly. Now both the brothers look after one another and beat different situations to become the best to pay respect to their adopted father who lost his life protecting them.

The main character is Rin Okumura who is the big brother but he is always one step behind from his little brother Yukio Okumura. Even though both the bothers are different in every way they never hesitate to hunt down the evil and risk their lives for friends and family at all costs. If you want to watch an anime which has love, friendship and pure action with super powers then this anime is best for you.


Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date 2018

Ao No Exorcist Season 3 Story 2018 – What Will Happen In Blue Exorcist Season 3?

So in the first season of Ao No Exorcist the anime started with introduction to both the brothers and among them Yukio was the good one. But Rin adopted the powers from his real father Satan, which gave him blue flames and horns on his body. In order to keep him safe Shirou Fujimoto, father sealed away his powers in a katana. But when time called for help, Rin had to open up his seal from Katana and help his friends and family get away.

Now everyone knew that the son of Satan is alive and he needs to be killed or should serve in the kingdom. So Mephisto Pheles part demon and human helps Rin for his own good to live among humans and study again. But now Ao No Exorcist season 3 is going to be about how the brothers will face any villains and defeat them. But this time Rin has total control over his powers and can try to help friends, family with his flames as well.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date Announced 2018 – Watch Ao No Exorcist Season 3 Episodes Dub Sub

This is the same thing happened with the second season of this anime as well and no updates were released for second season as well. So the production studio is trying to be secret about the third season and making sure the anime will be released when they want. So the anime is going to be released in 2018 but we have not received any confirmation about the exact release date. But according to the news and rumors it has been revealed that the Blue Exorcist season 3 release date will be scheduled for December, 2018.


Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date 2018

So the Manga source material is not an issue since there are enough volumes for the third season to be created of 12 episodes. The previous seasons had new storyline along with the mixed story from the Manga, so the content or story might not be an issue this time. So the Blue Exorcist season 3 will contain 12 episodes similar to the first two seasons and this time we might see Satan back again.

Now all these episodes will be released in Japan during their original air time on Television first. Later after 1 or 2 days the episodes subbed version will be made online from different licensed streaming services. And then after a wait of 1 or 2 weeks the Blue Exorcist season 3 dubbed episodes will be released online for fans to watch.


No news has been released about the Blue Exorcist season 3 release date till now but I think that this show will be released in 2018 summer anime season. So all the fans that are wondering about the Blue Exorcist season 3 release date can now rest assured since the anime is confirmed and it will be released in 2018 summer.

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