Being Mary Jane Season 4 Final Recap Rumors

Being Mary Jane Season 4 Final Recap Rumors: The American television series “being Mary Jane” was first being aired on 3 July 2013 on BET, created by “Mara Brock akil”, starring “Gabriel union”. The story centers on the life of the young black woman dealing with her professional and private life background simultaneously struggling to find her perfect life partner out. It is believed to be of mixed genre comprising drama, romance and thriller. Although it’s not been very long since the release of first episode of first season, the show began showering its miraculous progeny with more than 4 million viewers in its quota.


Being Mary Jane Season 4 Final Recap Rumors

It has received a critical acclaim by many reviewers, specifically praising the magnanimous efforts of Gabrielle union. The story is engrossing with lot of emotional drama with complex and intriguing characters, all in their efforts the bring the life into the show. Connie Orlando, the head of programming, BET networks, passed a statement regarding the show: “Being Mary Jane Season 4 has been a landmark series, but also for all American African women who found themselves in Mary Jane, her family, friends and coworkers.”

The Plot of Being Mary Jane Season 4:

The leading character Mary Jane Paul is a successful broadcast journalist, where she hosts a popular TV show. As per the riches is concerned, Mary has no deficits. She has everything what a woman in her youth wants. A dubious family she is devoted to but unsure that the family contributes the similar motivation so far… She always manages to balance her personal life with her professional career. The plot primarily focuses on her desperate commitment on how to deal her life as a single black woman who has to meet her demands of wanting a perfect partner and also her struggle to maintain ostentatious equilibrium between the different phases of her life.

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Being Mary Jane Season 4 Release Date Rumours:

Along with the positive reviews from the wide number of critics, the show is also renowned for its collection of 11awards out of 22 nominations. The pilot movie had won the award for outstanding television series at 45th NAACP image awards.The show began with first season being aired on 2013 bearing 9 episodes. Second and third seasons each comprising the episodes of 12 and 10 respectively aired on 2015. The fourth season has made a record of telecasting 20 episodes thereby marking a milestone and was released in 2017. It is rumored that the director was determined to put an end to the show by telecasting the finale episode of 2 hour movie.

It’s not an unknown thing of 4 million viewers on a premiere of the first series and the show still managed to form the consequent graph of successful viewers in the subsequent seasons. But it had been rather a difficult job for the show to hold its successful sign along with fourth season. Not to say that the departure of Mary Jane from her hometown Atlanta to the New York city had been a major cause of disappointment for the audience. Her new career with her new boyfriend Lee, the introduction of sea of new characters made it excruciatingly painful for the show fans to watch. Moreover the fourth season is the mere season where directors believed to bring the fresh and new essence to the show but unfortunately it reciprocates to be something incompatible and unconvincing for the viewers to be digested. Refinery 29 writer seselia brown once wrote after the airing of fourth season 13th episode: “Being Mary Jane Season 4 is pretty hard to watch these days. Mary Jane seems to be getting more basic and misguided and it’s extremely trying on the nerves to see her making the same mistakes over and over again.”


Fingers crossed to see her relationship with her boyfriend Lee, the fate of her friendship with Kara, things that going to change between Mary and her former boyfriend in Being Mary Jane Season 4. It’s been a tiring effort for the audience all over the world waiting to watch season finale which is believed to hold a lot of ties in her complicated life and bring back the previous essence thus making it more captivating to watch all over.


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